Buying and Renting Trekking Gears in Nepal

Kathmandu is a popular destination for trekkers and adventurers, and you’ll find plenty of options for buying or renting gears in the city. Here’s some information on where you can find gear shops and rental services in Kathmandu:

  1. Thamel: Thamel is the main tourist area in Kathmandu and is known for its numerous shops and stores catering to trekkers. You’ll find a wide range of gear shops offering both new and used equipment for sale or rent. Some well-known shops in Thamel include Shona’s Alpine Rental and Sales, Blue Sheep Trekking and Expedition, and The North Face Store.
  2. New Road: New Road is another popular shopping area in Kathmandu, and you can find several outdoor gear shops here as well. Explore the area to discover shops like Bhat-Bhateni Outdoor, Outdoor Adventure Nepal, and Muktinath Bikas Bank’s Outdoor Shop.
  3. Rental Services: If you prefer to rent gear instead of buying, there are several rental services available in Kathmandu. These services offer a range of equipment, including trekking gear, camping gear, sleeping bags, down jackets, and more. Some recommended rental services include Himalayan Equipment Rental, Nepal Trekking Gear Rental, and The Summit Brothers.
  4. Second-hand Shops: If you’re on a budget or looking for more affordable options, there are second-hand gear shops in Kathmandu where you can find used equipment at lower prices. The Pilgrims’ Book House and Mountain Hardwear Used Gear Store are two popular options for second-hand gear.

It’s advisable to compare prices, check the condition of the equipment, and ensure that it meets your requirements before making a purchase or renting. Additionally, consider renting from reputable and reliable sources to ensure the quality and reliability of the gear.

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